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June 2014 Treasurer’s Report

BEGINNING AVAILABLE BALANCE $3,854.21 INCOME Donations for copies $16.89 TOTAL INCOME $16.89 EXPENSES Comcast $58.60 Subscriptions $319.38 Hospitality $42.67 Computer Expenses $76.74 Miscellaneous Exp. $80.37 TOTAL EXPENSES $577.76 ENDING AVAILABLE BALANCE $3,293.34 Asset Reserve $3,500.00 ENDING BALANCE $6,793.34 Shirley K … Continue reading

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Online room schedule reminder

Patrick is emailing the printable room schedule for us, but only once a week. He sent the coming week’s schedule yesterday. A couple of members have since volunteered to monitor. You can always find the online calendar by going to … Continue reading

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Browser survey results

About a third (55) of our members responded to our little survey on web browsers. Thanks for taking the time. The results are not surprising though I expected Firefox to be second: 36% – Internet Explorer; 27% – Chrome; 16% … Continue reading

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Which web browser do you usually use?

Once upon a time most PCs were desktops running Windows, and most people used Internet Explorer. Now we have laptops, tablets, and smart phones, with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Internet Explorer has been knocked off its perch. Which browser … Continue reading

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There’s a German Research webinar next week. has announced a FREE webinar next Wednesday, the 11th. The speaker is James M. Beidler and as a frequent listener to many Legacy webinars I am sure that this episode will not disappoint anyone who is searching for those … Continue reading

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