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Found in Genealogy Lab

  1. one pair of eyeglasses
  2. Genealogy note cards for Sonneberg, Koenig, and Walboldt families

Please contact Karen Hasselbach, Joan Allen or Pat Brown for more information.

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DNA Painter


There’s a newish genetic genealogy website called DNA Painter.  Teri & Art’s DNA SIG is on summer hiatus, but this site seems to be a natural follow-on to the last talk Teri gave on “Visual Phasing.” It automates some of what she told us about: it lets you “enter the numerical information provided by the testing company for each match and visualise it on your chromosomes.” If anyone who’s staying here for the summer would like to meet and look at this together before the SIG reconvenes in the fall, please reply to this post or give me a call. Thanks!

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May General Membership Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes for the May General Membership Meeting.  Please take a few minutes to review the minutes and let me know if there are any corrections or changes.  We will be approving the minutes at the October General Meeting.  Have a safe summer and see everyone again in October or November or December!

Gen Mtg Agenda 2018-05 SCVGS



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April 2018 Treasurer’s Report

The club’s table at the Courtyard Sale grossed $900. Thanks to all who contributed and volunteered! For details please see Debra’s April Report.

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May Speaker Handout

Sorry this is last minute. Please print out the speaker handout on City Directories for tomorrow’s General Meeting. It is only 2 pages. Karen is going to make a few copies for those people who do not have a printer. The hand out is here: City Directory handout Katie Gertz

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