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February Genealogy Meeting – “Civil War History Genealogy Research” by Robert M. Wilbanks IV


On Tuesday, February 14, 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo,  please join us for an exciting genealogy adventure with  Robert M. Wilbanks. 


[Special Topic; Intermediate-Advanced]

Presentation about researching the Civil War ancestor; emphasizing the importance of military records as research tool for furthering genealogical research in general, and obtaining more details regarding the Civil War ancestor in specific. Includes fascinating and unique historical facts and statistics related to the Civil War as a research tool for furthering genealogical research. These Civil War facts are presented primarily in relationship to the common Civil War soldier, so as to provide hints and clues, research tips and analytical approaches.

 Brief Biography


Genealogist & Historian

Robert Martin Wilbanks IV is a long time genealogist who discovered genealogy at the

age of 12 with the advent of the television mini-series Roots in January 1977. Having

been interested in history since the 4 th grade, with Roots he realized how he personally

connects to the “Great American Experience” through his ancestors. He instantly became

a fervent genealogist and considers Alex Haley the most influential person in his life.

With much library research experience before entering college, working in libraries was a

natural direction for him. He earned a library para-professional degree, as well as a B.A.

in History. Since 1982 he has experience working in Community College libraries, city

libraries, a law library, business library and currently works in a medical school library.

Robert began his genealogy profession in 1988 as editor and publisher of two family

newsletters, followed by authoring several books, and then became editor of a genealogy

society newsletter, and a quarterly. In the late 1990s he wrote a genealogy column for the

Desert Shamrock Phoenix Irish bi-monthly publication. Robert gave his first genealogy

presentation in 1989 speaking continuously ever since. Throughout the 90s he was

involved in local genealogy societies and attended many local seminars and National

conferences. He helped start the East Valley, Tempe and Scottsdale Chapters of the

Family History Society of Arizona, holding the office of President for the latter for two

years. He also chartered two local chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, holding

the office of Commander for 5 years. He attended the annual one week program at the

Institute of Genealogy and History at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama from

1989 to 1991, learning sophisticated genealogical research and analysis; techniques he

strongly encourages and practices today. Now a professional genealogist for over 26

years he founded Ancestral Pride: Professional Genealogy Services in 2009 and

continues speaking, researching, writing, and has developed several websites. He had

regularly taught an 8 week beginning genealogy course for the City of Phoenix, and

annually teaches a 6 week beginning Irish-American genealogy course for the Irish

Cultural Center. Robert is a member of three national recognized genealogical

organizations: National Genealogical Society, Association of Professional Genealogists

and the Genealogical Speakers’ Guild. Currently, Robert is President of the Arizona

Council of Professional Genealogists. He is also the Chief Genealogist and Historian for

The Caledonian Society of Arizona. Robert’s most noted areas of expertise are United

States military history and records, the American Civil War, the Old South and Colonial

Virginia, United States history and genealogy in general, and genealogy and history of

the British Isles.


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DNA SIG Starts Beginner Class

The DNA SIG will meet Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. in the Genealogy Library. The topic of this month’s program will be “From the Beginning.” We will start with the very basics of DNA, to give a newcomer some understanding of the terms and the science of DNA.  This is the first in a series of programs designed to facilitate an understanding of how to use DNA in genealogical research.

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Minutes of the January 2017 General Meeting

We met at 1 PM on January 10th. Vice-president Andrea Houston welcomed 86 members including five new ones. For the full minutes including announcements and committee reports, please see:

General Meeting Minutes January 10, 2017

Frances Everson

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FindMyPast and other subscriptions

2011_11_NewspapersThe genealogy database FindMyPast is now available on computers in the club rooms. Our subscription started today and will run 3 months, until the beginning of April. Their specialty is the British Isles (UK & Ireland) but they also have data for the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For more info you may search their record sets for free.

As a reminder, our other subscription databases at the club rooms are:

Details: The FindMyPast link on the Windows PCs is in the top center group along with Ancestry and FamilySearch.  Our GenealogyBank subscription lapsed but has now been renewed; sorry for the inconvenience. It’s still only on PC #5 because it enforces a login restriction. The other databases are available on all computers (except that I forgot to put a link to FindMyPast on the Mac; I’ll do that ASAP).

On Tuesday, Pam Ingermanson will be telling us more about FamilySearch, the free worldwide family history collection that’s giving Ancestry a run for its money.

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3 Weeks from today

Pinal County is host to an annual workshop on Saturday, Jan. 28. I have attended these workshops before and I know there will be lectures to help everyone in their pursuit of family history. Copied below is the latest announcement. Notice that the price will increase after Jan. 14th. And the lunches served were always scrumptious.

The Pinal County Genealogists in Casa Grande, AZ will hold their fourteenth annual workshop on Saturday, January 28, 2017 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1555 N. Colorado, Casa Grande. Check-in starts at 8:00 A.M. and the first session begins at 9:00 A.M.
All workshop information, registration forms, and lecture descriptions are available on the website at A Syllabus is available for an additional $5.00 or may printed from the website. The Syllabus will not be available at the workshop.
There will be 20 sessions, including basic favorites and classes for seasoned researchers. A Question and Answer Forum will end the day’s activities.
The workshop is $20.00 which includes lunch. The cost will increase to $25.00 after January 14, 2017. There will be only two lunch choices for pre-registered guests: Chicken Salad (no nuts) or Ham & Cheese. No special requests, please. Walk-ins are welcome, however lunch will not be guaranteed for those registering after January 14.
For further information please contact Wendy at 480-818-3451 or Avis at

Carpooling is the extra benefit with talking and sharing with others about the days events. Make plans now before the meeting on Tuesday, the 10th.

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