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Wednesday DNA SIG: GEDmatch tools


For this Wednesday’s DNA SIG (1 pm across the hall from the club rooms) I’ve signed up to give a presentation on some (advanced?) tools at the genetic genealogy website GEDmatch. These are tools that take “real” autosomal DNA tests as input and generate a virtual test result as output. One of them is irreverently called “Lazarus” (pictured). If this sort of thing sounds interesting, c’mon by!

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March General Meeting Minutes – SCVGS

Gen Mtg Agenda 2018-03 SCVGS

Attached are the minutes for the March General Meeting.  Please review them and let me know if there are any corrections or additions.

Looks like we are doing well with donations for the Courtyard Sales but we still need volunteers with cars to bring items to the Activity Center Courtyard on Saturday, March 31 at about 5 AM.  Are you an early riser and need some exercise?  Give us a hand setting up.  Want to be lazy?  Volunteer to help out with sales during the morning.  The more items we sell the more money we will have for our new computers, and maybe some new software as well. 

Holly Gibson

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Ancestry DNA Circles – Saturday Short

Ancestry DNA Circles – this Saturday from 9AM-noon.

I will be showing you one way to use your results from Ancestry DNA to help fill out your tree. I have used it to add those “collateral” family members (aunts, uncles, and cousins at all levels). It helps with cousins that were born after 1940 that are hard to identify. In a few cases, it has helped confirm some lines I wasn’t sure of. In one case it helped me break through a brick wall on my son’s father’s line. Hope to see you there.

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February 2018 Treasurer’s Report

Bob Oos returns this month to his scenic Spokane, with its clocktower (pictured) on Havermale Island in the Spokane River. He turns over his adding machine to Debra Dirks. Thanks for your years of service as Treasurer, Bob! This is his last Treasurer’s Report.

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Help for Beginners

On Wednesday (tomorrow) from 1-3 PM, Barbara Evans will be in the genealogy lab to help beginners or anyone who has questions.

Are you just starting out and not sure where to begin? Have you done a little work and are not sure where to go next? Did you just complete one of our beginner’s classes and would like a little one-on-one? For the next month, every Wednesday afternoon there will be a monitor in the lab to help you. Come check it out.

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