What’s happening?

  • Visit our Classes and Activities Calendar to learn what’s happening besides our regular monthly meetings and to sign up to participate;
  • Visit our Club Room Calendar to see when our room in the Welcome Center will be open, or to sign up to monitor;
  • Visit our Online Catalog to see what books are available in the club library.
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January General Membership Minutes

Attached are the minutes for the January General Membership Meeting.  Please take a few minutes to review the minutes and let me know if there are any corrections or changes.  We will be approving the minutes at the February General Meeting.

Gen Mtg Agenda 2018-1 SCVGS

Also, please remember that your membership dues are currently due.  Single membership is $20 and a household membership is $30.  Remember –  you will not have access to the Genealogy Library or computers unless you have paid your dues by February!

Thanks – Holly Gibson

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Club Ancestry account and online family trees

Our club email account received a message like the one above today. (The family name has been redacted to protect the innocent.) Somebody is using the club Ancestry account on the club computers to work on their family tree. This is probably unwise because:

  • Your tree on the club account can be modified or deleted by anyone at any time — you have no control over it;
  • Someone who finds your tree and would like to collaborate has no way to contact you;
  • You don’t receive email hints like the above — they go to the club’s email instead.

Alternatives are:

  • Get a free Ancestry account and put your family tree there;
  • Get your own paid Ancestry account;
  • Get a free account at FamilySearch and put your tree there. (Sharon Larsen is giving a class on this but it’s already started.)

Each of these alternatives has various pros and cons that I won’t go into. If you have questions, Andrea will be available this coming Saturday in the club rooms and I’m sure can answer them.

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DNA-related posts went missing

Emailing of posts on our website was broken earlier this week. (Bad MX records, you don’t wanna know, my fault.) If you’d like to see them please click here to visit our club website. My sincere apologies.

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Last Minute!!! Been thinking about the Beginner’s Class but thought it was too late to be included? Never.

Several members (5) have had to cancel the Beginner’s Genealogy Class and it’s your chance to be part of it. Yes, it does start this Friday, Jan. 12, 1 – 4 PM, Navajo Room/Activity Center.

Jan. 12, 19, 26 (Skip Feb 2), Feb. 9, 16 and 23

$20/person plus your annual membership dues.

Karen Hasselbach is excited about teaching this Beginner’s Class. Come and join us. Call Karen 520-360-0215 and bring your money to her house, 1539 E Bright Angel Dr before the class. Just do it. We will have a great time.

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DNA help

I know today was a little advanced for most of us, but there are DNA experts in our club. My first recommendation is to attend the DNA SIG run by Teri and Art Petty. It meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1PM in the Welcome Center Conference Room 3. That would be Wednesday the 17th of January for this month. Teri and Art can help with several of the sites that were mentioned today. The SIG is a good way to meet other people who are learning about and working on their DNA.

I can help with Ancestry as I have been working with it for about a year. Anytime I am in the lab as a monitor, please come with your questions. The next time I am in there as a monitor is Tuesday, January 16th from 9 until noon.

Unfortunately, the DNA class is full for this year, but there is obviously enough interest to have a class next year, so watch for an announcement.

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