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  • Visit our Classes and Activities Calendar to learn what’s happening besides our regular monthly meetings and to sign up to participate;
  • Visit our Club Room Calendar to see when our room in the Welcome Center will be open, or to sign up to monitor;
  • Visit our Online Catalog to see what books are available in the club library.
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Dues are Due! And Fees for the Beginner and DNA Classes Too!

checkDues are now payable for 2018 for the Sun City Vistoso Genealogy Society.  Individual annual dues are $20 and Household annual dues are $30.  Your dues help support the genealogy library and computer work room, as well as the great lecturers for our monthly meeting.

For genealogists who signed up for the Beginner ($20) or DNA ($5) classes starting in January 2018, you must be a current member of the SCVGS and pay the fees noted above which covers materials and copies.

Please bring your checks payable to SCVGS to the December 12th meeting or drop your checks off in the Treasurer’s Box at the Genealogy Library in the Welcome Center.

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November General Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes for the November General Membership Meeting.  Please take a view minutes to review the minutes and let me know if there are any corrections or changes.  We will be approving the minutes at the December General Meeting.

Gen Mtg Agenda 2017-11 SCVGS

Also, please remember that your membership dues are currently due.  Single membership is $20 and a household membership is $30.  Bring your check to the December meeting!

Thanks – Holly Gibson

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Saturday Shorts

Saturday, December 2nd – no set topic but come on in!

Due to the short notice, there is not a topic at this Saturday Short (December 2nd), but I will be in the Genealogy Room to help anyone who wants to show up.

Saturday, December 9th – Building a Tree in Family Search

This Saturday Short is geared towards beginners who are just starting out. Family Search is free so it is a good place to start.

Saturday, December 16th – Scanning

I will bring 2 of my scanners, so bring either a thumb (jump, USB) drive or your laptop, and any pictures, documents, or books (limited to just a few pages) you would like to scan. If you have a scanner you would like to bring, please bring it. The more scanners, the merrier.

Saturday, December 23rd – no meeting

Saturday, December 30th – no meeting



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Books new to our library

As Andrea mentioned at Tuesday’s meeting, Bonnie Frasca and the Mitchells donated some books to our club library. They’ve been cataloged and are available for borrowing. They are:

The links for each of these books will take you to our online catalog. The books may be borrowed whenever our club room is open. Check our online calendar to see.

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Saturday Short November 18, 2017

The topic is “Snipping Tool and Jump Drives”

Location: SCVGS Lab Saturday, Nov. 18 9:15-Noon

Learn how to use the snipping tool to cut out just what you want to save from documents, pictures, newspaper articles. Then learn how to save images, and documents that you find here in the lab onto a jump (or thumb) drive so you can take it home and add it to your database. Feel free to bring your laptop and a jump drive to class.

Note that with the Tour de Tucson, Rancho Vistoso may be closed to traffic. You probably should come in through the back way by the Activity Center.

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