Land Record References

LeRoy Atkins gave an excellent presentation on “Land Records” at our General Meeting on Tuesday. It was too full of details to summarize briefly. But here are some of the references he provided in his handout, in case you were unable to attend his talk.

Book: E. Wade Hone, Land & Property Research in the United States. This is available in our genealogy library on the No Circulation shelf.

Online Help: Mr. Atkins is mentor of the Land & Probate Committee of the Mesa Regional Family History Center. The Center makes available Quick Start Guides. The ones for “Land and Probate” are in the middle of the page. There are also useful links on the Land & Probate Committee page. 

Online Sources: Mr. Atkins mentioned in particular the General Land Office Records at the BLM. If you succeed there in locating a record you’re interested in,  you can use the information to order a copy of the record online at the National Archives.

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