September Treasurer’s Report

                                              Treasurer’s Report
                                           September 2010

Income for September was $96.40.  This included dues of $47.50, contributions of $26.00 and Virginia SIG Library book share of $22.90.

Expenses for September were $65.52 for Comcast.

Treasurer’s Report
SCV Genealogical Society
September 30, 2010

Beginning Cash Balance 8/31/2010                        $7725.19
     Total Income                                                         96.40
     Change in Vanguard                                                  .60
     Total Expenses                                                      65.52
Ending Cash Balance 9/30/2010                             $7756.67

    Cash Reserve                                                     $6000.00
    Operating Cash                                                  $1756.67

    Cleo Wolf

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