October Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

October 2010 

Income for October was $119.00. This included dues of $105.00 and contributions of $14.00. We also transferred $5800.00 from our Vanguard account.

Expenses for October were $6563.60. This included money for program, supplies, Comcast, five new computers, a laser printer, installation, and warranties.

Treasurer’s Report
SCV Genealogical Society
October 31, 2010 

Beginning Cash Balance 10/1/2010                             $7756.67
Total Income                                                              119.00
    Change in Vanguard                                                          .36

Total Expenses                                                            $6563.60

Ending Cash Balance 10/31/2010                                 $1312.43 

Cleo Wolf

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