SCVGS Library News

  1. We have two new books in our Genealogy Library: 
    1. Norma Schellberg donated her recently published monograph Remembering Daddy: the story of Reginald V. Page. This 300-page book covers three generations of the Page family, and includes illustrations, maps, and an index. Our copy is filed under U.S., New Jersey. Norma will be speaking on how to write and publish your family history at our May meeting.
    2. Lynne Brooke donated Register in Alphabetical Order of the Early Settlers of Kings County, NY. It’s shelved under U.S.A, New York. If you’d like to see it online, it’s at Google Books.
  2. Lynne also found a web site called Index to Early Bible Records. This site “provides a free index to over 7,000 online and offline pre-1830 Bible records.”
  3. Oro Valley Library Resources: We’d like to remind everyone the Oro Valley Library and the Pima County Public Library with which it’s affiliated provide a variety of resources for genealogy. (If you don’t have a card, see their instructions.) These include:  
    1. You can search the catalog for the entire Pima County system and request that any book you find be delivered to the Oro Valley branch for pickup. No driving around Tucson, just over to La Cañada.
    2. If there’s a book you want but don’t find in their catalog, you can still request it via Interlibrary Loan. They will obtain the book from their partners across the country, and you’ll get an email message when it arrives.  Articles from periodicals can also be requested this way, and sometimes are filled by sending you email with the article attached.
    3. Online databases: With your library card, you can connect from your own computer (wherever you happen to be) to their Databases page. From there you can connect to HeritageQuest, for example, with census records and other genealogical data. The library pays for this access for you. (At HeritageQuest you will also find the index to genealogical periodicals called PERSI, where you can find articles to request via Interlibrary Loan!)
    4. The Oro Valley Library itself has a reference collection which includes some genealogical titles such as Elizabeth Shown Mills (ed.) Professional Genealogy. The library will let you check these out for a short period, even though they’re part of the reference collection.
  4. Finally, one request of our own: the National Genealogical Society publishes the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Our library is missing 2002 – 2007. If you have any of these and would like to donate them, we’d appreciate it.
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