Minutes of January 11, 2001 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Norma Schellberg at 1 PM.


Norma Schellberg welcomed 77 members and 3 guests and made the following announcements:

  1. The Pinal County Workshop will be held in Case Grande on Jan. 29.
  2. The Family History Expo in Mesa is on Jan. 21-22.
  3. The ASGS meeting tonight at 7 PM – “Pre-Revolution German Records” & “Missouri – Gateway to America”.
  4. The 1940 Census will be available free from the National Archives and Records Administration on April 2, 2012 (next year).
  5. The GVGS Annual Seminar is Saturday February 19th at the Green Valley Elks Lodge.
  6. There is no general meeting in February.  The banquet takes its place.

MINUTES:  The Minutes from the December 14 meeting were approved as posted on the Club’s website.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   The December Treasurer’s report is posted on the website.

  1. Ancestral Search – Barb Krecklow reported that 26 facilitators have been trained.  Also, directions for setting up individual free message board accounts on Ancestry.com are available in the Genealogy room.
  2. Beginner’s Class – The class started yesterday with 23 people.
  3. Club Fair – The Fair is this Friday, January 14 from noon to 2 PM in the Social Hall.
  4. Display Case – Sue Huffer said a new display will appear in mid-February.  Please check out the display case.
  5. Field Trips – Joan Eddy – Signup sheets are available in the back of the room.  Trips are listed on the website.
  6. Genealogy Tree Photos – Karen Jonaitis – new photos from the beginner class will be up soon.   Other photos are welcome, 4” by 6” and copies only.
  7. Hospitality – Bonnie McGregor – Signup sheets for future meetings are available on the table.   Thank you to those who brought treats today.
  8. Library – Tina Williams mentioned the Virginia tax lists data base that is now available.  Handouts telling how to access the database are available in the club rooms.
  9. Membership – Russ Krecklow reported that we have 104 members.
  10. Program – Evelyn Thompson said the committee is starting to work on the 2011-2012 programs.   Call Evelyn, Lynne Brooke, Brenda Ericsson, or Norma Schellberg with any ideas.
  11. SIGs – Helen Jennette reported that we have 4 SIGs. – Dates for SIG meetings can be found on the webpage.


  1. The club received $3,100 (half the cost of the new computers and what we requested) from the Foundation and Norma thanked the members of the club for their generosity.
  2. The banquet is February 5.  Dinner selections are pot roast or baked salmon.  Space is still available.
  3. Mike Carroll stated that the old Mailing list is gone.


Mike Carroll is chairman of the nominating committee.   Only one officer position, Vice President, remains to be filled.

The meeting was adjourned by President Norma Schellberg at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Davidson, Secretary

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