Treasurer’s Report

January, 2011

Income for January was $4867.00.  This included a Foundation grant of $3100.00 donated by the Genealogy membership.  The income also included dues paid, $785.00;  banquet reservations, $800.00; beginner’s class fee, $150.00 and contributions, $32.00.

Expenses for January were $345.83.  This includes beginner’s class supplies, $138.50; class refunds, $20.00; hospitality, $21.74; Comcast, $65.59; speaker, $100.00.

Treasurer’s Report
SCV Genealogical Society
January, 2011

Beginning Cash Balance 1/1/2011                 $ 2873.78
     Total Income                                              4867.00
     Total Expenses                                            345.83
Ending Balance                                              $7394.95

Cleo Wolf

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