1890 Swedish Census at FHE&RC

Joan Allen has kindly donated her copy of the 1890 Census of Sweden to our club. It’s installed on computer #1 in the Family History Education and Research Center (FHE&RC). Look for “1890 Swedish Census” on the “Start” menu.

Joan, Brenda Ericsson, Irma Franke, and Karen Jonaitis are our resident Swedish gurus, and all have some idea of how to use the program. Karen is facilitating Tuesday afternoon the 15th, and Irma Friday morning the 18th, if you’d like some help.

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2 Responses to 1890 Swedish Census at FHE&RC

  1. Danke sehr schoen, junge Frauen. Zu meinem Bedauren habe ich nicht Svenskische Ahnen . (¦D)

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