New Library Book and DVDs

In August the SCVGS library acquired a new book, recommended by Barb Krecklow. The author is Karen Clifford, president of Genealogy Research Associates and former board member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, to which our club belongs. Her book is Digging Deeper: using essential pre-1850 records, a text she developed for one of her college classes. This is an intermediate genealogy guidebook that explains how to use a variety of sources for finding your U.S. ancestors prior to 1850. It’s shelved in our “Research” section, which is ordered alphabetically by title.

The three DVDs we purchased are Legacy Family Tree webinars. The always informative and entertaining Geoff Rasmussen (the guy who flew from Phoenix to Washington D.C. to pick up ancestral records, because snail-mail was too slow) speaks on “Adding a Death Certificate,” “Adding a Marriage Certificate,” and “Adding an Obituary.” These DVDs are available for viewing in our club rooms.

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