SCV and SCVGS Timelines

Passing through Vistoso Center? Take a minute to check out the timelines for SCV and SCVGS in the SCVGS Display Case.

SCVGS was formed not long after the first phase of Sun City Vistoso was being built, and new owners moving in. Although our meetings were held in the Indian Rooms, the Research Center has been in Desert Oasis (one morning a week, floppy discs on a used PC), then on to the present Admin. end of Vistoso Center with two rooms, more donated equipment and a small library. And, look where we are now! Much to be proud of.

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2 Responses to SCV and SCVGS Timelines

  1. Anonymous says:

    We really have come a long way. I remember when the VP was also the program and instructional chairman.

  2. anonymous says:

    When Sally Wold was president, the SCVGS had one computer, assembled from donated parts put together in the Tumbleweed Room. It was stored in one cabinet designated for GenSoc. Before a phone line was installed to access the Internet, the GenSoc computer was used mainly to teach several different genealogical computer programs to interested members. The Sewing Club and the Computer Club shared the Tumbleweed Room for their working space and they kept their own paraphernalia in other Tumbleweed cabinets. Yes, we’ve come a long way!

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