Revised Club Bylaws for your Review

As Norma explained at recent meetings, we have been revising our SCVGS club bylaws. Club members will be asked to approve the new bylaws at our February 2012 meeting. The overall thrust of the revision is to bring things up to date, and eliminate complexity.

To read the text of the new club bylaws, please click here. If you would like to see what’s been changed or added, please click here for the marked-up version with deletions from the old version crossed out, additions underlined, and so forth. There is also a copy of each version available for reading in the club rooms. The “Purpose” page of our website contains a link to the new bylaws too. (The files require Adobe Reader which may be downloaded here for free.)

Thanks to Norma Schellberg for chairing the Bylaws Revision Committee, and to Russ Krecklow and Anna Belle Emery for assisting her. Anna Belle filled in for our former secretary Liz Kelly, who passed away while working on this.

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