Tuesday Meeting: Old Photos, Arizona Centennial, Party!

Our February General Meeting is 1 PM this Tuesday the 14th in the Navajo Room/Social Hall. But we’ve got a really big shew for you this time. We’re changing the lineup: business meeting first, followed by guest speaker, with refreshments last. This is our social “do” to replace our annual banquet. Many thanks to Sue Huffer and Bonnie McGregor for their work on the arrangements, to Shirley Nelson and Melba Niemuth for their regular hospitality work, and to all those bringing goodies.

The business meeting will include voting to approve our new club bylaws, which are available in the club rooms and at our website.

Ann Stephens is our guest speaker. Her topic is “Creative Uses for Old Photos.” Ann’s background is in desktop publishing and web design, and she has an M.S. from Cal State. Finding old pictures and putting faces to the names is one of her favorite aspects of genealogy.

Please consider, as Sue suggested, wearing your name tag on your new club shirt, for the party where you may meet new people. Don’t have your club shirt yet? Then bring your checkbook; Darwin will be taking orders. Ken will also accept your dues if you haven’t paid them for the 2012 calendar year.

Tuesday the 14th is the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s becoming the 48th state. Sue and Bonnie have prepared our meeting room for the occasion, with the help of Sun City Vistoso staff.

And remember, you might want just a light lunch!

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