Great party! Would you like another one?

That was a great party we had Tuesday. Thanks to Sue Huffer and everyone who helped organize and brought goodies. Jim Huffer snapped some candids. Here’s one with flags for the Arizona Centennial:

Genealogy Club Party February 2012

And here’s another of a gang listening to one of Joan’s stories:

Genealogy Club Party February 2012

The party was well-attended. Over 70 members were present, or almost two-thirds of our membership. There were plenty of refreshments — but parking spaces were getting scarce.

Would you like another party? — The thing is, I still have no volunteer for Treasurer for next year. I’ve had some members decline and others not answer, since my Tuesday requests at the meeting and via e-mail. No Treasurer, no club; no club, no party.

I realize many of you are volunteering already in other organizations. But the Treasurer’s responsibilities don’t begin until the fall. Perhaps you could find a way to shift things around a bit, so you could help your genealogy club starting then? That would allow all of us to party again next year.

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2 Responses to Great party! Would you like another one?

  1. Barbara Moll says:

    Putting the chairs in conversation groups was a good idea. I walked over to the other side of the room to talk with some people that I had never spoken to before. We found we had some areas of interest in common.

  2. Bill Randall says:

    Round table party was a GREAT idea for the last meeting. Let’s do it again before summer.

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