Minutes of February 14 General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Carroll at 1:05 PM.

Mike welcomed 74 members and 4 guests.


  • Sue Huffer noted that today’s meeting is in celebration of Arizona’s 100th birthday as a State and that the social hour will be at the end of meeting, so please stay and chat with your fellow members and enjoy the goodies that will be provided.
  • A reminder was made to please pay your dues if you haven’t already.
  • Kathy Davidson sent around a sign-up sheet to work at the Courtyard Sale on March 31 and asked that members look in their homes for items that we could sell. We will be collecting the items around the middle of March.
  • Darwin Thornton said there was an order form for club shirts on the back table. Several people were wearing their new club shirts.
  • Darwin mentioned the recent Pinal County Genealogists’ Workshop and how informative and useful it was and encouraged members to take advantage of the opportunities that are around.
  • Norma Schellberg mentioned the Green Valley Seminar that is this Saturday and said she has heard the speaker, Tom Jones, twice and encourages members to attend. Joan Eddy followed up with information on carpooling to the Green Valley meeting.
  • The 1940 census will be out soon. There will be a short presentation on it at our March meeting. FamilySearch is looking for indexers if anyone is interested. Mike will send out the address to use to contact FamilySearch.
  • Mary Cornell has volunteered to run for Member-At-Large for the upcoming year. Mike also said that Ken Jordan is not going to run for Treasurer again, and thanked Ken for all his work this year. Mike is looking for someone to run for that office so please contact him if you are interested.

The Minutes of the January General meeting were approved as posted, after the motion was made, seconded, and passed by voice vote.

The January Treasurer’s report, which was posted on the website, will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports:

  • Ancestral Search – Barb Krecklow – more facilitators are needed as we would like the lab to be open every day.
  • Beginner’s Class – Barb Krecklow – The class will take a field trip to the Family History Center in Mesa this Friday. The last class will be Friday, Feb. 24. Interested individuals can sign up for next year’s class now. On Friday, March 2, Barb is going to present a special session on color coding your paper files, based on the FamilyRoots Organizer, a system developed by Mary V. Hill. We have purchased the webinar that was presented recently and it’s available on CD in our library. If you’d like to attend the March 2 seminar, please contact Barb first, as space is limited.
  • Display Case – Sue Huffer – please take a look at the work Sue and Stephanie did on the display case.
  • Field trips – Joan Eddy – see above re the Green Valley Seminar. Joan also thanked the Society for the condolence card.
  • Genealogy Tree Photos – Karen Jonaitis – the beginner’s class has provided new photos that Karen has posted in the lab.
  • Hospitality – Shirley Nelson and Melba Niemuth – signup sheets are available for March and April.
  • Library – Mike Carroll – we have renewed Binns subscription and ordered 4 “Genealogy at a Glance” pamphlets.
  • Membership – Russ Krecklow – Russ reported that we have 125 paid members.
  • Programs – Karen Haider – Karen thanked members of last year’s committee for this year’s programs and said this year’s committee is working hard on next year’s programs.
  • SIGS – Cleo Wolfe – The Legacy SIG meets this week, and the Ireland and Family Treemaker SIGs meet next week. See our website for details.

Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business: The proposed revisions to the By-laws, as presented by Norma Schellberg last month, and posted on our website and in the lab, were approved by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned by Mike Carroll at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Davidson, Secretary

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