Courtyard Sale: Donations and Volunteers

The Sun City Vistoso Courtyard Sale is Saturday March 31st. We will have tables there, to raise money for the club. We need volunteers for that date and are accepting donations.

For donations, the only items we do not accept are clothes (we have no display racks) and large furniture (difficult to transport). Examples of things that sell well are tools, housewares (pots, pans, etc.), electrical appliances, and small furniture. If you have larger items you may want to talk to Darwin (638-7024), who’s volunteering his pickup truck.

Items may be dropped off at Mike’s house, 14257 N. Greenspun Place. Greenspun is the very last Sun City Vistoso street on the right, after Sun City Blvd., as you leave Sun City Vistoso and head towards Safeway. 14257 is the first house on the left as you enter Greenspun. Please call ahead (818-0556) to check I’m home rather than leaving items in the driveway.

We need volunteers for these tasks:

  •  Prior to the day of the sale, price the donated items.
  •  Quite early on the day of the sale, move items from Mike’s house to the Courtyard. Able-bodied needed, as the items have to be carried from parking lot to tables. Hand carts are useful, as are larger vehicles like minivans or pickups.
  •  Starting at 6:30 or so on the day of the sale, people to clerk at the Courtyard, accept cash, make change. The sale officially starts at 7 AM and is usually over by 11.

Kathy Davidson is coordinating. Please get in touch with her at 818-0041 or to volunteer or if you have any questions.

This is your chance to do some spring cleaning (or get your spouse to do it), and help your genealogy club at the same time!

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