Megan Smolenyak at Tucson Festival of Books

Megan Smolenyak is the author of several books on genealogy. The most recent is Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History, a companion guide to the NBC television series.

Megan will be speaking this Saturday March 10th at the Tucson Festival of Books. She has a one-hour workshop at 11:30 AM called “Genealogy Cases that Make My Brain Hurt” in Room 137 of the Integrated Learning Center on the U. of A. Mall. She also has a one-hour CSPAN Book TV live broadcast at 4 PM in Room 218 of Koffler Hall. Please see the Festival website for a map and details. (I wasn’t able to check whether our CSPAN Book TV station will show this then.)

Megan is also the author of Trace Your Roots with DNA, which is available in our genealogy library.

Thanks to Lynne Brooke for calling my attention to Megan’s appearances.

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