Courtyard Sale Hits the Jackpot!

After expenses, we made $620.25 at today’s Courtyard Sale.

I would like to thank everyone who donated items for the sale, and especially those who helped price on Friday and unloaded vehicles and worked at the sale on Saturday, including Mike Carroll, Darwin and Caryl Thornton, Karen and Bob Hasselbach, Francis Rubino, Russ and Barb Krecklow, Chuck Shenk, Melba Niemuth, Flo Chaulklin, Susan Norin, Helen and Bob Jennette, Karen Knutson, Sharon Carlson, Cleo Wolf, Joan Allen, Karen Haider, and my friend Betty Wiese, who was visiting from Seattle and graciously volunteered to help. I also want to thank Mike for letting us use his garage as a storage and staging area. This was my first courtyard sale for the Genealogy Society but I think we did well.

Kathy Davidson

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