Volunteer of the Year: Lynne Brooke

Lynne M. Brooke was named Volunteer of the Year today at our April meeting.

Lynne is the longest-serving current member of our Library Committee. She is especially well-qualified for this, having worked at the Genealogy Division of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library in Washington, D.C.

Lynne is a member of the DAR herself, and has held workshops to help SCVGS members get their applications in order. Roxy Johnson, Regent of the El Presidio Chapter of the DAR of which Lynne is a member, attended our meeting and congratulated Lynne on her award. Lynne participates in our ongoing DAR SIG, but asserts it’s Sue Huffer’s group rather than hers.

Lynne is the longest-serving current member of the Program Committee, chaired now by Karen Haider and previously by Evelyn Thomson. Lynne was instrumental in persuading nationally-known genealogy writer David Fryxell to come from New Mexico, to visit us as a guest speaker.

Lynne has been an active member of our Colonial Virginia SIG since its inception. She belongs to the National Genealogical Society and attends their conventions. She makes a cameo appearance in an NGS video.

We’re very fortunate to have Lynne as a member of our club, and were pleased to name her Volunteer of the Year.

(Thanks to Jim Huffer for the photo.)

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