Minutes of the General Meeting of April 10, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Carroll at 1:00PM.

Mike welcomed everyone plus 4 visitors and 1 new member. We have 149 paid members today.

A hearty THANK YOU to all who participated in the Courtyard Sale. The day’s sales netted more than $620. Thanks, also, for all the donations without which it would not have been so successful.

The Indexing group has already jumped on the 1940 Census and have submitted 6800 names as of today.

Usual announcements for Pima County GS and Green Valley GS. Themes, dates, times and speakers can be found by clicking on the link on the right hand banner of the SCVGS.org home page.

Minutes of the March meeting were approved as posted.

Treasurer’s report has been filed for audit.

Committee Reports: Barb Krecklow for the Ancestral Search & Lab Facilitators. Please sign up to work on the calendars posted on the lab/library door because she and Russ will be gone in May and will be unable to make additions or changes while traveling on the road. She stated that you can now sign up for next January 2013 Beginners Class. Hospitality Comm. Shirley Nelson & Melba Niemuth report that cookie/treat sign up sheets are now available for the fall. If you have a favorite treat you would like to bring to our meetings, contact either one. Library Comm. reports they have a new CD bundle from Legacy. Mike says you can now check out the CDs for one week at a time. Joan Eddy reports there are no Field Trips scheduled.

New Business: The slate of officers presented at the March meeting were moved and seconded and by voice vote, all were approved. For 2012-2013 they are: Mike Carroll, President; Darwin Thornton, Vice-President; Kathy Davidson, Secretary;  Shirley Dubansky, Treasurer; and Mary Cornell, Member-at-Large.

Mike next gave a short speech introducing the 2012 “Volunteer of the Year”. This Volunteer has been very active for a number of years including the Library Committee, the Program Committee, plus giving a hand for the DAR SIG where she is also a member of the National DAR. Congratulations to our volunteer: LYNNE BROOKE. She deserves this recognition which included a monogrammed bag to carry her numerous binders. Thanks, Lynne.

The meeting adjourned at 1:27 PM.

Submitted for the Secretary,

Darwin Thornton, Vice-President

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