Sun City [mumble?] Genealogical Society

The Sun City Vistoso Community Association Inc.  recently adopted the DBA (“doing business as”) name of “Sun City Oro Valley.”

Pam Sarpalius sent email today reminding clubs to refer to the Association as “Sun City Oro Valley.” I had already taken care of this: our website refers to the Association by that name, and uses the new logo, in the sidebar item on our Parent Organization.

Prior to that, I corresponded with Board President Robert Hefner. I mentioned our name “Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society” is referenced at our website,  bylaws, and bank account. He said not to worry: “I see no conflict here in that those seeking information about amenities of a retirement community will find our genealogy club listed on our web site, while a visit to only provides information pertinent to its membership.”

No need to mumble. We’re still the Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society.

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