Club History in Brief

There were questions at Tuesday’s meeting about our club’s history. The following timeline was published in 2007 in the  “Special Anniversary Edition 1987 – 2007” of the Sun City Vistoso Tipster:

  • May 1990: A “Let’s Get Together and Talk About It” meeting was held at the home of Nels Sulouff to discuss starting a genealogy society.
  • October 9, 1990: The first meeting of the Sun City Vistoso Genealogical Society took place in the Navajo Room with Nels as president. The club started with 42 members.
  • January 1992: $2 per person dues were instituted to pay the speaker’s lunch and transportation costs.
  • June 1998: The club held its first annual banquet at the Peppermill Café.
  • November 2002: The club was given a research center in the Vistoso Center which now has six computers.
  • January 2005: The club received exclusive use of the Havasu Room for meetings and a library, now with over 600 titles.
  • January 2008: We have 135 members and continue to hold monthly meetings and programs.
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