Minutes of the January 2013 General Meeting

President Mike Carroll called the meeting to order at 1:03 PM. One hundred and sixteen people attended the meeting, 24 of whom signed in as guests.


  1. Based on today’s attendance, the flyer in the Tipster was a great success. Thank you to Vice President Darwin Thornton for the idea and for putting it together.
  2. Reminder that dues ($15 for single; $25 for household) are due now. Mike reviewed what our dues pay for: subscriptions, internet connectivity, etc.
  3. We have set up two monitors at one of the computers in the lab. This was a suggestion that was made to VP Darwin Thornton and we’ll see how it works. We have no plans to purchase any more monitors at this time, but donations are welcome. If you use the 2 monitors, we would appreciate your feedback.
  4. Green Valley meets next Thursday, January 17 at 1 PM. Marcia Lindley and Sharon Scott will discuss copyright laws for genealogical publications and web pages. Details at GVGS website.
  5. The Saddlebrooke GS meets Thursday, Feb. 7. Jean White will speak on maps research.
  6. Pima County GS meets Saturday, Jan 19 at 1 PM at UMC. Barbara Salyer on PERSI, Sandy Chan on WorldCat.
  7. Our website (scvgs.org) has links to all the clubs mentioned above.

The minutes of the December General Meeting were approved as submitted.

The December Treasurer’s report has been posted and will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports:

  1. Ancestral Search – Barb Krecklow – The start of the Beginner’s Class was delayed by a week due to Barb’s illness. A list for next year’s class has already been started.
  2. Display Case – Sue Huffer – The calendar of Legacy webinars for 2013 is posted in our display case opposite the lab. Sue requested help in arranging the case.
  3. Field Trips – Joan Eddy:
    • Joan is going to the conference in Mesa on Friday, Jan. 18 & Saturday, Jan. 19 and has room for one more person. Please call her if you’re interested.
    • Karen Hasslebach is driving to the free seminar at Langley on Jan. 26. Call her if you’d like to ride with her.
    • Karen Haider is driving to Casa Grande for the Pinal County seminar on Sat., Jan. 26. There was a signup sheet available or you can call her.
  4. Genealogy Tree Photos – Karen Jonaitis – please stop by the lab and see the photos on the back wall. You may always donate more photos – 4” x 6”’ copies only; include as much information about the photo as you can. Photos can be left in her drawer by the door.
  5. Hospitality – Shirley Nelson – thanked those who brought goodies today. We are set for February and March and a signup sheet will be available next month for April and May.
  6. Library – Mike Carroll – the library has 3 new books.
  7. Membership – Russ Krecklow – before the meeting, we had 99 paid members. Many more people have paid today.
  8. Programs – Karen Haider – no report.
  9. SIGS – Cleo Wolf – we have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for Legacy, Family Tree Maker, Germany, Ireland, Colonial Virginia and the DAR. (I apologize if I missed any).

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12. The speaker is Chris Seggerman on “Examining Handwriting: a brief history.”

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM followed by Sherri Haskell speaking on Ancestry.com.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Davidson, Secretary

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