New Display–A 1st Family in California via the Anza Expedition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Do you know this member? Check out her family story.

“My mother always said we were an ‘old family’ in California. She didn’t know many details going back further than her great-grandmother. When I joined Sun City Genealogy Society in 2010, I came across a site that was a treasure chest of information enabling me to see just how old our family was in California. I had no idea we were an original family from the Anza Expedition in 1776. The site I reference is the Early California Population Project, created by the Huntington Library with oversight from UC Berkley. This was a grant project to translate all of the California Mission records from the first record to 1850. With this access, I could trace my family with birth, baptism, marriage and burial records going back 230 years. This was an exciting find, and I am thankful to have shared this with my mother before her death at age 90. I am now the official family historian, and I enjoy the pursuit of additional information on each ancestor. “

The answer is Peggy Amari Lombard!

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