An opportunity to test another data base.

At yesterday’s meeting, we were introduced to World Vital Records. They will allow our members to log on and search through their site as a comparison to Family Search or Ancestry until Feb. 22nd. This can be done from your home computer. The special instructions to follow are: on the internet search then at the top line for a sign in use email address of: with the password: family (in lower case) . Search as much and as often as you want. . .and please provide your feedback to that same email address which is your Vice-President Darwin. The Board will consider all your comments when discussing the possible subscription to this site.

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2 Responses to An opportunity to test another data base.

  1. Trace says:

    Tested World Vital today. I’m a newbie so keep that in mind. I will compare to rootsweb as it seems most similar to that. Much slower to load any link as compared to Roots. Roots provides more information in information retrieved, both on the ‘hits’ level and often on the final drill down
    level. So far, I certainly wouldn’t PAY to use it.

  2. says:


      I’ve spent well over 10 hours looking at this database and have gott en very little usefull information out of it. It is cumberso me to use and gives alot of false, non related information for what  you are searching for. I even tried to look up information on people that  I know exists in many of the census and it many times it comes up with nothing. They don’t give you enough places in the search fields to allow you to narrow your searches.  

    Even though I would expect that there is much usefull information in their system it is almost impossible to find it. Hope others were more successfull than I was. Maybe I’m just spoiled with Ancestry..  


    Thanks, Marv Smith

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