Volunteerism! Is it alive in our Club?

Throughout all of the Sun City clubs, the act of volunteering for any position or committee can be troublesome or it can be heart warming. To give of your talents and time is beneficial to this club. We have so many different committees and positions that listing them would not be productive. I will be handed the presidential reins this June and the need for others to take positions of those that have worked so deligently over the past few years is now necessary. Won’t you please consider this opportunity by giving me a call at 638-7024 and let’s talk about where you can be used. The club needs your help. Thank you. Darwin Thornton

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1 Response to Volunteerism! Is it alive in our Club?

  1. Shari Norris says:

    Hi Darwin,   Since I am a full-time resident, please put me on whatever committee that you need the most help.   I’m not familiar with the committees, so a brief explanation would be helpful.   Shari Norris

    Have a great day!! Shari Norris   


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