Thank you

I’m sorry I missed Tuesday’s meeting. Congratulations to Irma on her Volunteer of the Year award, and to our incoming officers on their election. Thanks to Darwin for running the meeting.

Muriel fell and broke her hip (femur) Sunday morning, as you may have heard. Thank you to Dr. Cheleuitte of Southwest Orthopaedic  Surgery Specialists and his assistants for putting it back together. Thanks to Dr. Ditmanson and the staff of third floor north at Oro Valley Hospital for putting her on the road to recovery. Muriel moved today to a room at Sonora at Splendido to begin her physical therapy.

Thanks to the many Genealogy Club members who have expressed their sympathy and support, and to Joan, Norma, and Evelyn for their advice on choosing a rehab facility.

I plan on facilitating at the club rooms tomorrow 1 – 3 as planned but may have to slip away briefly during that period.

I sometimes feel I’ve found more family here than through genealogical research. Thanks!

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