NGS Conference – Las Vegas

Well, I got into town just fine. Had a little trouble testing the Wi-Fi system from the Hotel/RV park, but after a phone call, everything is OK.
Registration began today at noon. We are at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Convention Center. It is next door to the huge Las Vegas Convention Center (which doesn’t have rooms or a casino.) This building was the former Hilton Hotel, the one that is fashioned like a ‘Y’. Across the street from the Riviera. I’m staying in my travel trailer about 6 miles away.
Registration was a breeze. Only thing now is, I will walk around with a twenty pound syllabus under my arm. Going from one speaker to the next will be my exercise regimen for the next 4 days.
Best guess is there will be around 150 different talks with almost 100 different speakers. These conferences engage the top-of-the-line speakers . . . which makes it money well spent. Subject matter from DNA to research on Native Americans, from US Congress records to Irish Family records. Plus over 70 vendors are in the Exhibition hall, who will present different aspects of the genealogical genre when you stop by. Full day tomorrow, I’ll write again Wednesday night.

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