Day 1 – NGS Conference

In a word – – – WHEW ! ! First hour and a half was the opening of the conference, giving awards to good newsletters from around the US, recognizing people for their efforts in the past year, then hearing the first of several talks about GPS. Not the GPS for your car but Genealogical Proof Standards. The ‘Proof’ is what good research is about. As we heard today you must prove with Reasonably Exhaustive Research. They stories the speakers related about today are examples of what has to be for all genealogists. Of course they were not talking about near history events, but when you go back a century or more, ya’ gotta’ do more than copy someone else’s tree that doesn’t contain even one citation. Sitting along side many other amateurs like myself, we listened together and made the commitment to follow their lead and do the work. YEAH !
And no, I didn’t get my name picked from any of the drawings, darn. Maybe tomorrow.
It starts even earlier on Thurs. . . 7AM. As I read the other syllabus content for talks that I’m not attending, I get pumped about things to do for the club. A couple of months back we tried out World Vital Records and today I approached another data base to see if we can “try” them out. We’ll wait to get an answer from them.
Watch for another blog tomorrow, I have to end this now as I must get up early in the AM.

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