Day 2 – NGS Conference

We started out with a “First Timers” breakfast with about 200 who were attending the conference for the very first time. Exchanged biz cards and related a short story about our research, etc. I’ve met some from outside Atlanta, Carnation, WA, from Virginia (where next years conference with be hosted by Richmond.) We had a NGS Board member sitting at our table and she peppered us with questions about what can they do better. (I dunno, I’m just gettin’ my feet wet with so many lectures to attend.) One really good lecture about Google Earth and making a story with photos or videos and then able to show other family members about one of their ancestors. None of my Dad’s G-kids knew him, so telling them a story woven around a map of the earth with pinpoints where he lived, plus his work and his other family might make a decent presentation some day. I’ll have to work on that. Todays’ talks were about newspapers, females with no maiden name known, a big push from to line up more subscribers. I forgot to tell you about the ‘big deal’ from a vendor, . If you go to their site and order any book(s), at checkout use the code ngsvegas and you will receive a 20% discount. I haven’t looked at all of the various books they offer, but I’m sure there is something in there for everyone.
I’m still trying to find anyone else doing research in Iceland. 2 days to go and 2000 more attendees to talk with. More tomorrow.

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