Genealogy Roadshow on PBS – Monday evening

Genealogy Roadshow starts this Monday evening on most PBS channels. The new genealogy television program will combine detective work, history, and science to uncover the stories of diverse Americans. The show’s producers have now released a peek into the first episode.

The show was videotaped at San Francisco’s Old Mint and the program will reveal stories tying citizens to the 1906 earthquake, notorious gangsters, war heroes and two brutal murders. A woman who suspects family ties to the Gold Rush learns that a 19th-century workplace murder claimed the life of an ancestor. An Irish-American woman discovers how a devastating earthquake brought her grandparents together. One family’s ancestry mirrors American history, with familial ties to both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. A Chinese-American woman finds out the truth about her family’s ties to Chinatown gangster “Big Jim” Chin, and family heirlooms connect a man to the sole survivor of the 1860 Wiyot Massacre.

Genealogy Roadshow will be broadcast on most PBS weekly, starting this Monday, September 23. Check your local listings for the time and channel near you.

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