Minutes of the October 2013 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order at 1 PM.

The meeting was attended by 62 members and 5 guests.

Darwin introduced a new feature:  “I Have Found …” encouraging members to briefly share something interesting they have discovered or learned in their research.  Two volunteers spoke and the feature was well-received by members.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Details for the below events can be accessed from our club’s website:

  1.  The next meeting of the Green Valley GS is Thursday, Oct. 17th at 1 PM. There is a change of location.
  2. Pima County GS meets Saturday, Oct. 19 from 1 – 3 PM.  The location has been changed to the Randolph Recreation Center.  Steve Packer will speak on “European Migration.”  There will be a silent auction.  Attendees must register beforehand.
  3. SaddleBrooke’s next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 7 at 1 PM.  David Fryxell will speak on “101 Best Websites for Genealogists.”
  4. The Mesa Family History Library Conference is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 26.  It is an all-day conference.  Attendees must register beforehand. Be sure to get a confirmation email when registering.  Contact Joan Eddy regarding carpooling.

The minutes of the May 14 meeting were approved as posted on our website on May 18.

The September Treasurer’s Report, posted on October 1, will be filed for audit.


  1. Ancestral Search – Barb Krecklow – signup sheets for facilitators were available at the meeting.  More volunteers are always welcome.  The Beginners’ Class, commencing Jan. 3, 2014, is full at 20 students.  Barb will start a waiting list.
  2. Club Shirts – Darwin Thornton – Members can still purchase the 2 styles of club shirts, polo and denim.  Order forms were available at the meeting.
  3. Display Case – Sue Huffer & Peg Lombard – They welcome new ideas for the display case and are happy to assist in creating the exhibits.
  4. Field Trips – Joan Eddy – She is coordinating carpooling to the Mesa Family History Library Conference on Sat. Oct. 26. Signup sheets were at the meeting. Car pools will leave Sun City at 6:15 AM or so the day of the conference.
  5. Genealogy Tree Photos – Karen Jonaitis – Member Liz Daniels’ family is currently featured.  Karen is always looking for more photos, preferably 4X6.  They can be left in her drawer in our room.  Please include the “who, what, where, when” type of information with the photos.
  6. Hospitality – Shari Norris & Judy Fairchild – Volunteers are needed to bring refreshments for the December and January meetings.  Signup sheets were at the meeting.
  7. Library – Darwin Thornton – Volunteers are needed to help organize and file books and other items.
  8. Membership – Russ Krecklow – we have 172 members.
  9. Program Committee – Karen Haider – Our speaker today is Jeri Martinez with the topic “United Kingdom.”  In November Lynne Brooke & Art Petty will speak on the DAR; in December, James Tanner will discuss Google and genealogy.  Karen is looking for volunteers to help in planning the 2014 program year.
  10. SIGS – Family Tree Maker meets Oct. 17, 9-11 AM, in our library’s Havasu Room. Legacy is meeting Oct. 20, 1-3 PM, in the Apache Room (across from the lab).


  1. Darwin announced the Board had approved a dues increase of $5, from $15 single/$25 family annually, to $20 single/$30 family.  A motion to vote was made and seconded. After a discussion by the members present, the dues increase was passed by voice vote. The increase will be effective for the year beginning Jan. 1, 2014 and can be paid now.
  2. The SCOV Club Fair is scheduled for Feb. 7, 2014, from 1-3 PM.  Volunteers are needed for an hour or two to be at our club’s table.
  3. The Courtyard Sale will take place on March 29, 2014.  Darwin asked that members who are planning to give away unneeded items, to hold them for the Club’s table at the sale. This is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for our club’s operation.  A volunteer is needed to provide a garage for storing donated items as the date of the Sale gets closer.

The next general meeting is Tuesday, November 12 at 1 PM.

The meeting was adjourned by Darwin Thornton at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie O’Hare, Secretary

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