One last call for lingering skeletons. Yours will be in the best of company. Remember your skeleton can be anonymous. Just give enough information on the when and where so we can enjoy the story. A picture, if you dare, would be wonderful.

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3 Responses to SKELETONS, ANYONE?

  1. EVELYN Miller says:

    I’m sorry, but I ‘m a new member & I don’t know what this means; what is a skeleton? Thank you, Evelyn Miller

    • Darwin says:

      Please excuse the delay in my reply, I am just learning about this other side of the web blog. “Skeletons in our closet” is a statement meaning we have some “bad” characters in our lineage. Or they could be just plain old “criminals”. We sometimes don’t want the rest of the world to know of our unpleasant relatives, so we hide them in the closet. Hope this helps.

  2. says:

    I just finally returned from Michigan so am replying now. I really don’t have any proof of this genealogically, but when I was a little girl and asked my Cornish grandmother if we were related to British royalty because her maiden name was King, her reply was “no, we were more likely related to pirates or “wreckers” (which is what they called them in St. Ives, Cornwall). I do know that my great grandfather was a fisherman before he came to the states and mined copper in upper peninsula Michigan. Carole (Stoltz)

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