Courtyard Sale Donations Needed

Courtyard SaleFebruary festivities finished, guests gone, March Madness yet to come. 80% chance of rain this Saturday. What to do? A little spring cleaning?

Your genealogy club will be taking part in the Courtyard Sale in just four weeks, on Saturday March 29th. We need your donations to make the sale a success. No clothing, please, but pretty much anything else, including furniture. Small appliances sell like hotcakes. If you’ve got something too big for your trunk, give Darwin a call (638-7024) and he’ll stop by with his pickup. Call me (818-0556) or him if you have any questions.

Carol Bowman has volunteered her garage for collecting items; she’s at 1014 E Coachwood Drive. Please call her at 1-520-265-2058 to arrange a drop-off time. Thanks!

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