Another batch of “Beginners” has now graduated

The Beginners’ Class has now populated our membership with 20 more members who, I am sure, want to use those new found tools and instructions to begin research into their family histories.  If you are one of those recent ‘graduates’ and would like some more direct, one-on-one assistance, we have some mentors that will be willing to help.  Drop me an email at: with “Mentoring” written in the Subject Line.  Tell me what area of assistance you might wish to begin with and we’ll get the two of you together.  Remember, mentoring is conducted at the lab at the close of the 1PM – 3PM time slot so as to avoid a hindrance to other members at the computers.  Logically, if no monitor is on the schedule for a particular slot, the mentor may use the lab but close the door to other members. And a big “Thank You” to Barb Krecklow for another successful class.

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