During yesterday’s meeting – –

and this is especially for those who could not attend, I mentioned that there are two specific needs  required by you, the members.  The first being, “Do you know of anyone that goes ‘all out’ as a volunteer?”  If you know of someone and would like to nominate them as”Volunteer of the Year” please send me an email.

The second is that we need two people who want to serve in some capacity on the Board.  It is more difficult to run any club/organization when only a few volunteer to work in the positions on the Board.  The strength of our club is closely related by the influence of it’s many members.

Won’t you please give serious consideration to make a commitment and serve on the Board.

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2 Responses to During yesterday’s meeting – –

  1. Holly Gibson says:

    Darwin – I am new to the club (only attended 2 meetings) and a snowbird type. I would be willing to serve on the board as a member at large if you are still needing someone. Let me know.

  2. Patrick M. Mccarthy says:

    If no one has put their name in for Vice President, I will step up for the position.
    I’m here in Sun City about 6 months each year (October though April).
    I look forward to helping out and being part of the team.
    Let me know.

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