Urgently Needed: Club Vice-President

The problem we have this spring is unusual. Our VP resigned after one year. We have no candidate for vice-president, who then goes on to be president. These positions require a time commitment but aren’t especially difficult. Please consider volunteering.

What’s unusual?  Joan Eddy, Norma, Darwin and I each were VP for two years, then becoming president for two. For the past seven years or more, we haven’t been looking for a VP in the middle of a president’s term. But we are now.

Why is it important? The person who volunteers now for VP has a year on the board to become familiar with how things work. This makes it easy to go on to be president. There’s also an Association requirement that chartered clubs have both president and vice-president.

What’s required? The president’s tasks focus on our monthly meetings. We meet eight months a year, not twelve. There’s a board meeting and a general meeting. The president prepares an agenda for each, and runs them. The board meeting’s less than an hour. You know what the general meetings are like. The president also pens a monthly Tipster article. That’s about it. There isn’t as much to being president as you might think, because so much of the work is done by others. (The VP has no specific duties other than filling in when the president’s unavailable.)

Newcomers welcome: The board tends to consist of longtime club members who don’t know many of the newcomers. Some newcomers may feel you have to be a longtime member to be on the board. That’s not true! We just don’t know who you are! Your work experience may easily qualify you to be an excellent president. So please don’t rule yourself out simply because you joined the club recently. We need your help.

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