Lisa Louise Cooke on Google Earth

Lisa Louise Cooke has two DVDs of tutorial videos called “Google Earth for Genealogy.” Our club rooms have one copy of each available on Shelf 2 of the CD/DVD cabinet in the corner. Darwin received these at a conference and donated them to our library.

For an overview of what’s on them, head on over to YouTube where Ms. Cooke has posted introductions to Volume I and Volume II. The first DVD has about 70 minutes of videos, the second about 95.

Barb Krecklow downloaded and installed Google Earth to the computers in the lab. You may use it there, or install it at home for free by downloading from Google Earth.

The DVDs may be checked out, though we ask you not keep them long right now since they may be popular. Or you may use them in our club rooms, in which case please note:

  • There is one set of earphones at the bottom of the CD cabinet. You might want to bring your own.
  • The speakers at each computer are normally off. Press the power button on the speaker to turn it on, and plug the earphones into the speaker.
  • The DVD/CD drive is behind the door at the top of the PC tower, with the drive at the top. Press the button below it to open the drive.
  • The PCs are configured to run from the DVD automatically, but the program may be slow to start. Give it a chance, except for Computer #2. The DVD drive on that one seems not to work just now, so please use a different computer for DVD viewing.
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