March 2014 Treasurer’s Report

BEGINNING AVAILABLE BALANCE                       $3,437.90
     Dues                  $50.00
     Donations for copies  $11.00
     Courtyard Sale       $839.04
TOTAL INCOME                        $900.04 
     Comcast               $58.60
     Hospitality           $69.36
     Speaker               $75.00
     Library               $31.94    
     Miscellaneous         $40.00
TOTAL EXPENSES                       $274.90
ENDING AVAILABLE BALANCE                          $4,063.04
Asset Reserve                                     $3,500.00
ENDING BALANCE                                    $7,563.04

Shirley K Dubansky, Treasurer

[Corrections to my post yesterday: I said gross receipts were $859.04; that should have been $839.04 as above. And I said net receipts were over $800, but the net was $100 less because that amount was withdrawn to fund the cash box. Sorry for the errors, but still the largest sale on record! — Mike]

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