New Online Room Calendar

As explained at today’s meeting, we’re starting a new online calendar that shows when the club rooms are open, and allows monitors to sign up from home. Click here to see the new calendar. The Board agreed to give it a try this summer.

Finding out when the rooms are open: Patrick McCarthy, our VP-elect, volunteered to take on Russ’s task each weekend of emailing the calendar for the coming week. He will email only once a week, though. The online calendar will be the most up-to-date source of information, so if you want to be sure whether the rooms will be open you should check there.

Our club website is at It now has a link to the calendar at the top of the right sidebar. So you can always find the calendar by going to the club website and clicking on the link.

Signing up to monitor: Members who’ve tried signing up to monitor at the new site agree it’s easy to use. It’s best to create an account there, if you’re a monitor, to avoid having to enter your name and email address each time you sign up. For now, you may still use the paper forms on the door, or call (818-0556) or email ( me. We’ll transition to the new calendar gradually, if we like the way it works out.

The online calendar may also be used to reserve the club library for a SIG or other meeting. The calendar is currently set to show today and the next four weeks; that can be changed. It also requires signup at least 24 hours in advance but that can be changed too. It will send you an email reminder two days in advance, letting you know when you’re signed up to monitor.

Click here for a one-page flyer on how to use the new calendar. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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