Minutes of the May 2014 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order at 1 PM. He welcomed 1 guest and 45 members.

During the “Wait ‘til You Hear What I Found” segment, one of our members described receiving a nice Mother’s Day gift after taking advantage of Mocavo’s free access to its genealogy database last weekend. She found her great-great grandfather’s obituary, ending a 17-year search.

The minutes of the April 8, 2014 meeting were approved as posted on our website April 8th.

The April 2014 Treasurer’s Report, posted May 2nd, will be filed for audit.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Details for the below events can be accessed from our club’s website.

  1. Pima County GS meets Saturday, May 17th featuring Amy Urman on “Funky Records, Mortality, and Farm Schedules.”
  2. Pima County GS is also sponsoring a University of Arizona Library tour on Saturday, May 24th from 10 AM to noon. The cost is $15. Registration closes on MAY 17th. Forms are on the back table.
  3. SaddleBrooke GC will resume formal meetings in September 2014.
  4. Green Valley GS will resume formal meetings in October 2014.


Membership – There are 155 current members.

Ancestral Search/Beginners Class – Barb Krecklow reported that Beginners Class 2015 is filled, but she encourages those interested to put their names on the waitlist. New members can pick up their “New Member Packets” this Friday, May 16th, at the Genealogy room between 9 AM and noon.

—At this point in the announcements, Darwin presented Russ and Barb Krecklow with a gift and big thank you for their significant contributions over the years, especially in setting up and managing the Genealogy Lab, as well as many, many other tasks.


  • Legacy SIG meets Wednesday, May 21st at 1 PM in the room across from the Genealogy Room.
  • Ireland SIG is on hold but Frances Rubino is available for mentoring.
  • DAR SIG is on hold until fall but Sue Huffer is available for questions.
  • Family Tree Maker SIG will not meet again until the fall.

Hospitality – Shari Norris & Judy Fairchild provided decorated cakes honoring our club’s “Volunteer of the Year.”

Display Case – Sue Huffer announced that the “Skeletons” display will be taken down and to watch for the new display.

Genealogy Room Photos – Karen Jonaitis reported that in June, wedding photos will be displayed on the Family Tree. There is still time to send her copies (not originals, as they will not be returned) of wedding photos, 4×6 preferred, with names of the individuals, dates if known, location, other information of interest, and your name and contact information. The photos can be dropped off at Karen’s drawer in the Genealogy Room.


  1. The slate of candidates for Officers for 2014-2015, as announced last month, were voted on and approved. They are: President Darwin Thornton; Vice-President Patrick McCarthy; Secretary Margie O’Hare; Treasurer Mary Barr; and Member-at-large Frances Rubino. Patrick, Mary, and Frances are new to the board.
  2. Mike Carroll gave a brief demonstration of the “Signup Genius” program that the club will use on a trial basis for scheduling monitors and reserving the Havasu Room. Access to the program is through our club’s website, clicking on “Club Room Monitor” in the upper right of the page. Patrick McCarthy will be managing the schedule, including sending out the schedule by email once a week. During the transition, volunteers can continue to sign up for slots on the chart in the Genealogy Room, but are encouraged to use the online version. Mike Carroll will oversee the Signup Genius program trial.
  3. KAREN JONAITIS was named Volunteer of the Year. Karen has been a member of the club for many years, including in an officer position. She volunteers weekly as monitor and for several years has managed the Family Tree Display in the Genealogy Room. Although she has served quietly, her contributions to our club have not gone unnoticed. We appreciate it very much.

The next general meeting will be this fall – Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 1 PM.

Today’s speaker is Clarice Bird on “Give Me Land, Lots of Land.”

The meeting was adjourned at 1:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie O’Hare, Secretary

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