New Book: Maryland Marriages and Deaths, 1727 – 1839

We’ve just added a book to our library, Marriages and Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, 1727 – 1839, compiled by Robert Barnes, 234 pp., first published by Clearfield in 1973. It’s shelved in the United States / Maryland section.

We received this as an exchange with the Green Valley club, whose librarian Bob Vint is exceptionally diligent. Their website has a library page explaining how to search their online catalog. They offered to do look-ups in their books, if you have a fact you’d like checked. Please see the page for specifics.

Our new book lists some deaths not due to natural causes: “DENNY, Israel, was executed for piracy yesterday. (April 27, 1820)” and “DICK, negro, was executed Friday last at Port Tobacco, for housebreaking. (July 10, 1755).” Requiescant in pace.

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1 Response to New Book: Maryland Marriages and Deaths, 1727 – 1839

  1. bericsson says:

    Mike, I would be willing to do look-ups in our library books for other genealogy clubs. Although you might not want me when I tell you that I’m unable to access the GV library title list. Just goes to a screen and doesn’t open. Brenda Ericsson

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