Minutes of the October 2014 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order at 1 PM Tuesday the 14th. He welcomed the 54 members who signed in and one guest. An unofficial count tallied 84 people total, in attendance.

During the “Wait ‘til You Hear What I Found” segment, one of our members described a summer’s visit to her spouse’s family home where she photographed 700-plus gravestones at a local cemetery and is busy posting them to Findagrave.com.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Details for the below events can be accessed from our club’s website.

  1. Pima County GS meets Saturday, Nov. 15th, with guest speaker Steve Schuldenfrei on “Two Jews from Brooklyn in the Klondike.”
  2. Green Valley GS meets Thursday, Oct. 16th. Marsha Allen will present “What? Where? Who? Why? When? How? Things I Wish I knew at the Beginning.”
  3. SaddleBrooke GC meets Thursday, Nov. 6th with speaker Betty Cook on the topic “Westward Ho, Migration Trails of the Emigrants.” — (Betty Cook will be the featured speaker for SCVGS general meeting in Feb. 2015.)
  4. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) conference is scheduled for Feb. 11-14, 2015 in Salt Lake City. Details and registration forms are on the back table.

The minutes of the May 13, 2014 meeting were approved as posted on our website May 15th.

The September 2014 Treasurer’s Report, posted Oct. 7th, will be filed for audit. Also, the Club’s annual audit report came back just fine.


Membership – Mary Barr reported there are 160-plus current members.

Ancestral Search/Monitor Training – Joan Allen had no news. Monitor volunteers are always welcome.

Field Trips – Darwin reported for Joan Eddy. No field trips are scheduled, however, contact Karen Haider if you are attending the Family History Conference in Tempe on Oct. 25th and wish to carpool.

Hospitality – Judy Fairchild/Shari Norris – Judy thanked those who brought refreshments today. Volunteers are needed for November’s meeting, and for early 2015.

Display Case – Sue Huffer asked members to provide old Christmas/holiday greeting cards for December’s display. Email Sue, or leave the cards with your contact information in Sue’s drawer in the computer lab room. The cards will be returned to the lenders.

Genealogy Room Photos – Karen Jonaitis accepts copies (not originals) of old family photos, preferably 4X6, with names of the individuals, dates if known, location, other information of interest, and your name and contact information. The photos can be dropped off at Karen’s drawer in the computer room.

Library – Mike Carroll asked for members who may have library experience to volunteer for the Library Committee. Also, member suggestions for books to be added to the library inventory are always welcome. Just send him an email.

Programs – Karen Haider announced that volunteers are needed in Jan. 2015 to begin developing programs for the 2015-2016 season.

SIGs – Cleo Wolfe:

  • Legacy SIG meets Wed. Oct. 15th at 1 PM in room #3 across from our computer lab.
  • Family Tree Maker SIG meets Wed. Oct. 22nd at 9:30 AM in the Catalina Vista Room.
  • The Proof SIG is full and meets monthly, discussing the book “Mastering Genealogical Proof.”

Beginner’s Class – Barb Krecklow said the class, beginning in Jan. 2015, is full but emphasized that things change, so anyone interested in attending is urged to sign the waitlist.


  1. Darwin asked all members to verify that their email addresses are correct on the club roster.
  2. Mike Carroll reported on SignUp Genius, the online method of scheduling monitors and viewing the computer room schedule. SIGs are welcome to use SignUp Genius to reserve use of the Havasu Room (our library). Reminder: SignUp Genius is accessed from the SCVGS website, by clicking on the link on the right side of the web page.


  1. Darwin reported that new wall art is being considered for the computer lab room. Member Christine Takerian has created three samples which are hanging on the wall now. Members are urged to give input to Darwin (by email).
  2. Darwin announced the Board had approved an upgrade to the existing MAC computer in the lab room. From a show of hands at today’s meeting, about 10% are MAC users. A refurbished, updated system may cost over the $500 ceiling that can be spent without member approval. A motion to spend up to $1000 was seconded. Discussion followed. The upgrade was approved by a hand vote. The Computer Club will be consulted regarding equipment options.
  3. Sue Huffer urged all members to consider volunteering on the many committees that make up our club.

The speaker for next month’s (Nov.) meeting is Paul Duffey on “DNA in Genealogy.”

Today’s speaker is Maxine Ludeke on “Overcoming Brick Walls.”

The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie O’Hare, Secretary

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