Minutes of the November 2014 General Meeting

President Darwin Thornton called the meeting to order at 1 PM on the 11th. He welcomed 72 members and 5 guests.

Replacing the “Wait ‘til You Hear What I Found” segment, Darwin asked that all military veterans in attendance stand and be recognized for their service and sacrifice on this Veterans Day. Many veterans stood up. They were heartily applauded by all present.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Details for the below events can be accessed from our club’s website.

  1. Pima County GS meets Saturday, Nov. 15th, with guest speaker Steve Schuldenfrei on “Two Jews from Brooklyn in the Klondike.”
  2. Green Valley GS meets Thursday, Nov. 20th. Their speaker is Barbara A.H. Nuehring on the topic “Stumbling Blocks, Calendars and Penmanship.”
  3. SaddleBrooke GC will gather Thursday, Dec. 4th, featuring Paul Duffey on “Using DNA in Genealogy.” (Duffey is SCVGS’s guest speaker today on the same topic).
  4. Several upcoming conferences & workshops – registration necessary:
    1. Pima County GS is sponsoring a “Land Workshop” on Saturday, Nov. 22nd.
    2. Pinal County Genealogists in Casa Grande will hold their annual conference on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015 from 9 AM – 3 PM.
    3. Family History Library in Tucson on Langley Avenue has their annual workshop Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.
    4. Feb. 11 – 14, 2015 is the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ (FGS) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    5. On Feb. 21, 2015, from 9 AM – 3 PM, Green Valley GS has a seminar featuring Judy Russell on “Genealogy and the Law.”
    6. Also on Feb. 21, 2015, from 9 AM – 3:30 PM, West Valley Genealogical Society’s (WVGS) annual seminar features Dr. John Coletta on several genealogy research topics.
    7. Pima County GS has announced a writers’ competition. Entries accepted until April 18, 2015. There will be cash prizes. A flyer is on the back table. Their website has detailed information.
  5. Member Dianne Parrott has offered to coordinate travel for those interested in a research trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. Tentative date is early March 2015, Wednesday to Saturday. Those interested are welcome to contact Dianne at 818-6471 for details.

The minutes of the October 14, 2014 meeting were approved as posted on our website October 22nd.

The October 2014 Treasurer’s Report, posted Nov. 5th, will be filed for audit.


Membership – Mary Barr reports we have 178 current members, including 8 new members today.

Ancestral Search/Monitor Training – Joan Allen. Volunteer monitors are always welcomed.

Field Trips – Joan Eddy has sign-up sheets for those wishing to share rides to upcoming seminars (see Announcements) to Pinal County, West Valley GS, and Green Valley GS.

Hospitality – Shari Norris/Judy Fairchild. Shari thanked those who brought today’s refreshments. A volunteer for Jan. 2015 is needed, as well as for the upcoming months. Volunteers are asked to bring 3 dozen of whatever goodies they choose to provide.

Display Case – Sue Huffer requested old Christmas/holiday cards for an exhibit in early December. Leave cards and info in Sue’s drawer in the computer lab. She will scan the cards and return the items to you.

Genealogy Room Photos – Karen Jonaitis accepts copies (not originals) of old family photos, preferably 4X6, with names of the individuals, dates if known, location, other information of interest, and your name and contact information. The photos can be dropped off at Karen’s drawer in the computer room.

Library Committee – Mike Carroll. The library now has the book “Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com.” Also, member Barbara Merrill has donated materials to the library. Darwin announced that member Joanne Clem provided an AniMap program and various other genealogy materials that are available to anyone willing to make a small donation. See him at the break.

Program Committee – Joan Allen for Karen Haider made a nice introduction for today’s speaker, Paul Duffey.

SIGs – Cleo Wolfe:

  1. Legacy SIG meets Wednesday Nov. 19th at 1 PM in the room across from our computer lab.
  2. Family Tree Maker SIG meets Wednesday, Nov. 26th at 9:30 AM in Catalina Vista, the Mt. Lemmon Room. There is a signup sheet in the back.

Beginners Class – Barb Krecklow announced that the class is full, but members are welcome to add their names to the existing waiting list of 8. The class begins Jan. 9, 2015, 1 – 4 PM and goes until the end of February, including a field trip to the FHL in Mesa, AZ.


  1. Darwin announced our computer room now has a new Mac computer with Ancestry.com, Reunion, and Family Tree Maker installed. Input from Mac users is very welcome. Let your Board members know what you think.
  2. A new modem/router has been installed in the computer room and all is working fine.
  3. Input provided by members has resulted in a choice of new wall art for the computer room. It has been ordered.


Darwin said there will be Board openings in 2015. Members are asked to consider filling future positions. Current Board members will be soliciting volunteers as well.

The speaker for our December meeting is David Fryxell. His topic is “Best Websites for Finding European Ancestors.”

Today’s speaker is Paul Duffey on “Using DNA in Genealogy.”

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie O’Hare, Secretary

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