New Book: Genealogical Dictionary of New England

savageBarbara Merrill, former club president, has donated a copy of James Savage’s “Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England” to the club library. This was first published in Boston in 1860 – 1862; our copy is a 2008 reprint by the Genealogical Publishing Company. It’s shelved in United States/New England. Thanks, Barb!

The dictionary is an alphabetical listing by surname. As the Amazon blurb says:

This is the basic genealogical dictionary of early New England settlers, giving the name of every settler who arrived in New England before 1692 regardless of their station, rank, or fortune. Alphabetically arranged for each it gives the dates of his marriage and death, dates of birth, marriage and death of his children, and birthdates and names of the grandchildren. According to the author, “nineteen twentieths of the people of these New England colonies in 1775 were descendants of those found here in 1692, and probably seven-eighths of them were offspring of the settlers before 1642.”

Our set lacks Volume III, “K” through “R.” Because the original was published so long ago, however, it’s no longer covered by copyright. All four volumes are available online at Google Books and the Internet Archive.

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