Monitoring: whoever, whenever

The club rooms are open only when a member volunteers to monitor. But requirements for monitoring have gradually been loosened:

  • Monitors used to be called “facilitators” which suggested they might help others with their research. That’s no longer true (if it ever was); no genealogical expertise is required. Rank amateurs are welcome.
  • Monitors used to sign up a week ahead of time for inclusion on the weekly printed schedule. Now with the online schedule that’s not necessary, though we do ask you sign up a day or two before if possible, so non-monitors can plan their week.
  • Customarily (for no particular reason) members have not signed up to monitor more than once a week. But there are no restrictions on how often you may monitor.
  • The person who signs up to monitor usually stays for the whole session. But if you have a monitor buddy to share your session, that’s not necessary. One can open and the other close up.

If you’re a monitor, you can have the rooms open pretty much whenever you like. (The Welcome Center must be open, which excludes evenings and weekends except Saturday morning.) Would you like to monitor? If so, please contact Joan Allen to arrange for the minimal training required.

And thanks to all of you who already volunteer.

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