GenealogyBank story

GenealogyBank (GB) is one of the databases available in our club rooms (PC #5). I think of it as having mainly historical U.S. newspapers, starting around 1800 or so, and contemporary newspaper obits, though there are other things as well.

The historical newspapers interest me most. A recent post on GB’s blog asserts that GB has Irish passenger list info not available elsewhere, on origin and destination. Joe Buggy, author of “Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City“, mentioned this post on Twitter. “Baloney,” I replied, “Ancestry passenger lists have origin and destination info too.” Joe was kind enough to explain (what the post does not say) that prior to 1882, GB has details on passenger arrivals which are not available online at Ancestry or anywhere else.

If there is a moral I think it’s that you should always check GenealogyBank, even though it’s difficult to search, because you never can tell what you might find there.

(Apologies for the earlier junk email with the same title. I hit “Publish” by mistake.)

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