Early Virginia Marriages

We have a new book in our genealogy library: Marriages of Amelia County, Virginia, 1735 – 1815. 165 pp. Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams and first published in 1961, the book is still under copyright and is not available online. I couldn’t find this in the Ancestry.com card catalog either. “Not everything is in computers” as someone used to say.

The marriages are from Amelia County. Records are listed alphabetically by the husband’s name. There are two indexes: one to brides, one to “sureties and others.”

The book is shelved in US/Virginia. It’s part of our growing collection on Virginia marriages:

  •  Culpeper County Marriages, 1780-1853
  •  Marriages of Shenandoah County Virginia, 1882 – 1915
  •  Charlotte County, Virginia, 1816-1850, marriage bonds and ministers’ returns
  •  Marriage Notices from Richmond, Virginia Newspapers, 1841-1853
  •  First Marriage Records of Augusta County, Virginia, 1785-1813
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3 Responses to Early Virginia Marriages

  1. Art Petty says:

    Mike and others,

    A lot of these are on line and easily accessible as well. For example, if you want Bedford County, Virginia, you can go to Google and type, “Bedford County Marriage Bonds” and several sources will pop up. As an example <>. On-line, one can use a search engine to find virtually anything.


    • Mike Carroll says:

      Art — Well, you’re kind of emphasizing my point. I tend to assume everything that’s in print is available online, but that’s only true if a book is old enough for the copyright to have expired. This “Amelia Co.” book is still covered, I believe. — Yes, I’ll take a search engine over an index whenever it’s available. — Your example seems to have gotten stripped out, not by me but automatically. I think it takes out HTML. — Mike

    • Mike Carroll says:

      There’s a new web site called “Genealogy Gophers” that searches multiple digitized books as once. I’m worried they’re taking all the fun out of it. 😉

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