Membership Roster has been trimmed. . .

and if somehow you forgot to pay your annual dues, when you come to the meeting next Tuesday, Mary Barr will be happy to take your check and you will be back on the roster. It is as simple as that.

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2 Responses to Membership Roster has been trimmed. . .

  1. To SCOV GenSoc Treasurer: I just received a notice that I have been dropped from our clubs E-mailI service due non-payment of dues. I paid this year’s dues by personal check #2605 dated 13 Jan 2015 and, on the same date, I placed it in your drawer in the GenSoc Learning Center. If the Learing Center’s sign-in sheet still exist for that date, it will show I signed in to use use the library on the same date. My check check was tardily cashed by my bank on 30 Jan 2015. Evidently my payment of $20 was not properly credited to my GenSoc membership account. I have been a charter member in good standing since 1990 and I do not want to be kicked out due to a bookkeeping error. Please correct you records, ensure that I am reinstated in the club’s mailing list and notify me when corrective action is completed. Thank you.

  2. Christine TAKERIAN says:

    Hey Dar,

    Are dues from January to January? Or? I’m not sure when I paid dues…but I do want to be current. How can I check? Is there an “active membership roster” posted somewhere on our site that I can access?

    Thanks for your time and energy. I appreciate it.

    Christine Takerian 520.256.3310


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