Club computer changes

There have been some changes to the club computers:

  • Ancestry, Fold3, and Newspapers are now available on all computers. As you may know, Ancestry purchased Fold3 (US military records) and Newspapers (historic US newspapers) a while ago. They then added a new subscription level called “World Explorer Plus”  that includes the other two websites. The Board voted to upgrade the club’s subscription. The only database that’s restricted to one computer is GenealogyBank, which is on PC #5.
  • PC #4 has a different look from the other PCs. I felt that as our icons multiplied the desktop was becoming cluttered. I found a little utility program, Fences, that lets you group icons and label the group. A trial version of this is installed on PC #4. I think it’s an improvement but I don’t expect everyone to agree. Please let me know what you think.
  • The password manager LastPass has been installed on the Mac as well as the Windows computers. That seems to be working well.

Some of these changes are still in progress, and I haven’t updated the cards on the computers saying which databases are where. I didn’t expect the room to be so busy this week!

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